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Supporting Local Communities

Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting the children and communities of South Luangwa. With a general donation, you could: 

  • Support an Mfuwe youth football team: $3000 (for the whole season) 
  • Buy a pack of Ufulu pads for $15 
  • Support a Gender Outreach Session for our Youth Clubs: $500 
  • Conservation stoves for a village (10 stoves):  $100
  • Provide Volunteer teachers at Katapila Community School:  $4000 for a year
  • Setup a new Digilearn School Site for up to 300 children: $18,500 
  • Sponsor a child for $600 per year

Many visitors also kindly support through Pack for a Purpose, by bringing donated goods such as school supplies, hygiene pads, books and sewing equipment with them. For a full list of what you might want to bring, please see here

In addition, if you would like to know more about ways to help, then please look below. 

Become a Sponsor

We are always in need of sponsors for children, and this is a great way to make a positive impact in individual lives.

In sponsoring a child we will ensure letters from your sponsee three times a year, and we make sure they have everything they need for attending school. 

You can choose to sponsor a secondary student (grades 8-12) or a tertiary student to university. You can also sponsor a special needs student to attend a specialist school outside Chipata. 

For more information please get in touch with our Education Manager.

Donate Ufulu Pads

Imagine missing 25% of your lessons because you are a girl – a girl without sanitary pads. 

That is exactly what happens to many girls living in rural areas of Zambia who have no access to disposable pads or who are unable to afford to buy them. 

Project Luangwa makes washable, reusable pads in their craft workshop in Mfuwe. This project has a double impact as not only do we help girls attend school every day of the month but we provide skills training and employment to local ‘less fortunate’ women. 

Our Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Kit contains 5 reusable sanitary pads that are guaranteed to last 2 years. It also includes our unique secret washing line that allows the pads to be discreetly and safely dried after washing and a leaflet on the use and care of the pads and guidance to Menstrual and reproductive health.

How it works – You buy a pack which we give out to a local school girl. We usually do this when we have enough packs for a whole class, or even a whole school. At the same time we talk to the girls about menstrual health, care of the pads and how to keep track of their periods. 

But does it make a difference? One head teacher told us that since giving out pads at her school girl child attendance has increased by 85%.

Donate $15 today to make every day a good day at school.

Support our Craft Team

We help to support local entrepreneurs by providing training and a safe working environment for them to produce and sell craft items, bags and souvenirs. With a downturn in tourists due to Covid-19, purchasing something online can help to ensure that everyone can continue to work.

Or online store is under construction and will be coming soon. In the meantime you can purchase Ufulu pads and donate them to girls in need by emailing our Gender Support Manager here and we will see that they are given to our schools.

Start a Fundraiser or Volunteer

You can start a fundraiser for Project Luangwa by signing up at JustGiving here and posting on your own social media. It’s easy and fun!

You can also help us by arranging a fundraising event in you home country. Many of our donors host dinners or organise galas with the proceeds donated to Project Luangwa. If you would like more information or help setting up your own fundraiser, email us here.

From time to time, people visiting the South Luangwa valley enjoy volunteering. We are particularly in need of volunteer teachers to support our Foundation Programme, but this also includes people with a variety of skills in business, entrepreneurship, art, writing and languages, not just in teaching. Please get in touch if you are interested. 

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about our program or want to learn more please send us an email.