Meet the Team

Jo Pope


Jo Pope is the founder and chair of Project Luangwa. She has been the driving force in creating and guiding the charity since it’s inception. 

Jo is married to Robin Pope and together they operated Robin Pope Safaris for many years until they stepped back from the business. They now live in Lusaka but visit their beloved South Luangwa valley frequently.

Ian Macallan


After first visiting the Valley in 2015, Ian and his wife, Ruth, fell in love with the people and wildlife of this fantastic place.

Ian was delighted to take over as the new CEO in 2020, bringing his energy, enthusiasm and experience to this great Project. 

Fwilane Banda


Fwilane is a social worker with over eight years of experience working with the people in Mfuwe under Project Luangwa. Her passion for the community has seen her expand the Gender Program and impact the lives of over 5000 girls and boys in the valley. Known locally and internationally as a menstrual hero, she spends her time creating an inclusive environment where both boys and girls are valued.

Mwila Mazunda


Mwila has spent many years working in the non-profit sector, supporting community projects in other areas of Zambia. She joined the team in 2022 and has been invaluable in improving our sponsorship and education programmes.

Mwila is a firm believer in education being the greatest equaliser and this fuels her passion and commitment to work towards seeing young people receive a full education.

Deborah Ndonji

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Deborah joined the team in 2022, and carries out all of the monitoring and evaluation for the Project, ensuring that we really understand the impact of our programmes. 

In addition Deborah also oversees our Eco Stove project, managing all of our Stove Coordinators and helping to proliferate clean cooking technology to vulnerable households.  

Karen Beattie & Dave Hopson


As the directors for the first 10 years of Project Luangwa’s existence, Karen and Dave used their passion for the communities of South Luangwa to create a truly unique organization. They are the originators of the sponsorship program, the Ufulu pads project, and the store and cafe. 

Karen and Dave dedicated 10 years of their lives to working alongside the community, building infrastructure for schools, helping to dig wells, and supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Project Luangwa is eternally grateful for their dedication and vision.