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Where We Are

The geological fault known as the Great Rift Valley runs from the Red Sea down through East Africa and, as it enters Zambia, divides; one arm to the east and Lake Malawi and one to the West.


This Western arm becomes the Luangwa Valley and stretches south east for seven hundred kilometres with an average width of about one hundred kilometres.

Down the centre of the valley flows the Luangwa River, fed by dozens of tributaries. Many are dry for most of the year but in the rainy season become ranging torrents often causing the Luangwa to flood.


In South Luangwa the river forms a natural barrier between South Luangwa National Park and the Game Management Area to its East. The villagers within this area rely on subsistence farming but their fields and gardens are often raided by elephant and other game.


Within the area around Mfuwe are more than 20 Government and Community schools and Project Luangwa aims to support as many of these as it can.

Our Team

Jo Pope


Jo Pope is the founder and chairperson of the board at Project Luangwa. She has been the driving force in creating and running the charity since it's inception. 

Jo is married to Robin Pope and together they operated Robin Pope safaris for many years until they stepped back from the business. They now live in Lusaka but visit their beloved South Luangwa valley frequently.

Ian Macallan

Project Luangwa CEO

After first visiting the Valley in 2015, Ian and his wife, Ruth, fell in love the people and wildlife of this fantastic place.


After frequent trips over the years, Ian was delighted to take over as the new CEO in 2020, bringing his energy, enthusiasm and experience to this great project!


Sherri Thompson

Communications and Fundraising Manager

Sherri joined Project Luangwa in September 2019 and is happily living in the South Luangwa valley after traveling in Africa for many years from the US. 


While helping Project Luangwa transition to new leadership this year, Sherri works on improving communications and fundraising at PL - including creating the new website!

Fwilane Banda

Gender Support Manager

Fwilane is a social worker with over five years of experience working with the people in Mfuwe under Project Luangwa. Her passion for the community has seen her expand the Gender Program and impact the lives of over 5000 girls and boys in the valley.


Known locally and internationally as a menstrual hero, she spends her time creating an inclusive environment where both boys and girls are valued.

Situmbeku (Stu) Wambulawae

Sponsorship Manager


Like that Whitney Houston song, Stu believes that children are the future.. Under sponsorship, she uses her expertise and her drive to help young people believe in themselves and achieve their academic potential.


A city girl with very little rural experience, Stu has used her time in Mfuwe to not only learn about its culture but also find ways of using her urban experience to positively impact the children in the valley.


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