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Visitor Centre, Shop and Cafe

The beating heart of Project Luangwa - please come in and visit us the next time you are in the South Luangwa valley! 

Sewing Workshop
pads 10.jpg

Our ladies sewing team create beautiful hand crafted bags, clothing, placemats and napkins, aprons and much more. They also sew all of our Ufulu pads by hand.

Come in and visit us and see what we have today!

Project Luangwa Cafe

Our cafe is open between 8am-5pm every day during the season, offering sandwiches, salads and fantastic coffee, cappuccino and espresso as well as other refreshments. It's a great place to relax after your morning safari.

Stop in and enjoy! 

Artisan Centre 
Photo from Sherri.jpg

Our local craftsmen create an array of impressive artwork and clever souvenirs. Frederick who makes metal arts, Hubly who creates wood carvings, and Misael our basket weaver work next to our shop in our artisan village.

In addition we are currently looking for funding to provide an information centre to visitors. We want to not only display the incredible impact that tourist donations have within the wider community, we also want to showcase all of the amazing work carried out by other NGOs in the valley. 

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