Without sponsorship many children in rural areas will not gain the benefits of secondary or tertiary education. Help us by sponsoring a child today

Secondary School

School in Zambia ceases to be free at grade 8. As a result many rural families, who rely on subsistence farming for survival, cannot afford to send their children to school beyond this grade. 

With our sponsorship program we seek to send around 150 children to secondary school every year, and provide them and their families with the financial support they sorely need. Education is shown to be the best way to improve not only the student's economic prospects, but also their wider community. 

We choose our sponsored students in January. They are the best and the brightest of their grade with the highest test scores and the most possibility to succeed. We send some of our students to local day schools and others are sent to boarding schools when their home life is not conductive to learning. The children are vulnerable, most having lost one or both of their parents. Your sponsorship gives them a chance at a better life.

Tertiary School

As well as improving the overall standard of education through our Edulution program, and send as many children as possible to secondary school, we also feel that it is important to recognise the achievements of those who show great potential, and help to sponsor them through University. 

With our sponsorship program we seek to send around 20 young adults to University every year, supporting them to become the leaders in Zambia.


While university is not as expensive in Zambia as in many western countries, it is still out of reach for most. Your commitment to sponsoring a young person to university is one of the most effective ways to help raise the standard of living for the people living in the South Luangwa valley. 

Special Needs

In many of the schools we work with, it is difficult to provide support and encouragement to children with additional needs. 

We try to offer as much assistance as we can, to ensure that every child has a fair chance at a good education, regardless of their capabilities.


We sponsor children to a Zambian school for the deaf, usually as boarding students. We also send visually impaired students to a specialized school for blind students school to help them reach their potential.