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Learn more about the extensive support programs we carry out in the South Luangwa valley


In 2022 the new Zambian government removed school fees for all grades. While this was a welcome move in reducing the cost for disadvantaged households, the reality is that communities living in poverty still struggle to send children to school. Not only are boarding fees needed but uniform, shoes, socks, exercise books, pens and pencils.  As pupils progress through the grades they need maths sets and scientific calculators too, and all of this is beyond the financial means of many rural Zambian families who survive by subsistence farming. 

Around a quarter of school children in rural Zambia are orphans and the majority are cared for by their extended families. But these relatives are often struggling to educate their own children and cannot to afford to send an extra child to school. The children who are accepted onto our sponsorship scheme may be orphans or classed as vulnerable.  Some have parents who are too ill to work or grow enough crops to be able provide an income as well as food for the family.  In other words without your help these kids would not be able to attend a secondary school. Learn how to help here.

Gender Support
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Project Luangwa looks to assist some of the most vulnerable girls and boys through schooling, gender support clubs, and menstrual health and hygiene. 

We work to:

  • Offer a better chance at attending school through sponsorship and boarding, by encouraging vulnerable children out of high risk communities 

  • Promote greater self-esteem and confidence through education, drama and female empowerment 

  • Improve health, well-being and school attendance through sensitisation education for communities on menstrual health, and providing clean and washable pads to young women

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Improving numeracy is key to overall success in learning and education, allowing young adults to seek a path to a more sustainable future. 

Through our support of Edulution, we seek to improve foundational education through modern systems, well-equipped and trained coaches, and a fun and relevant curriculum which focuses on overall subject mastery. 

Vocational Training
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Vocational Training

♦  To train people in the skills required to fulfil the needs of local employers. 

♦  To enable people to develop the skills required to start and sustain their own small business.

Small Business Development

♦  To assist local people to develop their own self-sustaining small businesses.

♦  Provide ongoing support to established small businesses.

♦  To encourage and assist artisans in establishing an income to support their families.

Ufulu Pads

Ufulu pads are washable, reusable menstrual pads 

Girls can lose 3-5 days of school per month through poor menstrual health protection, which equates to around 15% of lost education 


Each pad is made up of several layers of high performance hydrophilic material backed with a waterproof but breathable  fabric to prevent leakage. These layers are encased in a layer of soft cotton (which goes next to the skin) and bright, patterned cotton on the outside. Wings hold the pad securly in place and are held together

by poppers. Ufulu pads are soft, comfortable and ultra absorbent.


Ufulu pads are made by less fortunate women living in Mfuwe and 100% of the profits

from sales are used to support the communities in the Luangwa Valley


Safe to Use

Our technical fabrics are manufactured to a high standard with either

Oeko-tex 100 Certification or CPSIA Status, making the pads safe to use. 


If you would like to buy a pack of pads to donate to a local schoolgirl, click here.

Shop and Cafe

Project Luangwa's shop is not only a great place to buy unique souvenirs, but a way to support our mission. Almost 25% of our working budget is raised through sales from our shop and cafe. It started with a team of vulnerable women needing to support their families by learning to sew Ufulu pads. Their skills have expanded and the shop now carries a wide range of items. We also offer a sales platform for local artisans with high standards of craftsmanship. 

Our cafe uses locally grown produce and buys from local merchants further supporting our community.

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