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Feel Good Travel

From the air, the Luangwa Valley seems to stretch for an eternity. As you exit the plane at Mfuwe International Airport, the smell of the bush instantly washes over you, conjuring images of elephants and antelope, red sunsets, and lazy afternoons by the river.

The beautiful complexity of our eco-system is in full display, not only in the amazing habitats and wildlife you can discover in South Luangwa, but also in the joy and ingenuity of its communities and people.

The great advantage of choosing to spend your holiday here, is that you are directly contributing to the local communities, habitat protection and conservation. This is largely due to the support of the Luangwa Community and Conservation Fund (LCCF).

By staying in an LCCF member lodge, part of your accommodation costs go directly to supporting key NGOs in the valley, such as Project Luangwa. This in turn benefits the community through education, sponsorship, gender support and empowerment, and conserving wildlife and habitats. Furthermore, by purchasing something from Project Luangwa’s shop, or buying a pack of washable ‘Ufulu’ pads, you are also supporting local artisans, or offering girls and young women better sanitary hygiene, and a better chance at not missing out on school.

It is only through the symbiotic relationship of Tourism – Community – Conservation that all of this can happen. By visiting the valley, part of your trip is directly benefitting the community, which empowers them and reaffirms the need to protect our wildlife and eco-systems, which in turn is what keeps visitors coming back. Without this relationship, and without the support of our fabulous member lodges and donors, Project Luangwa and other NGOs could not carry out all of their vital work.

It is feel good travel at its best.

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