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“Hello, my name is Tryness Phiri.  
When I grow up I want to be a journalist.”

Tryness’s father left her mum and her four siblings when she was six years old.  Her mother worked hard to pay for them all to go to school and her new step-dad helped as well. But a car accident left her step-dad handicapped and he lost his job as a night watchman.  Now Tryness’s mother can no longer afford to pay for her schooling.

Support Tryness

In order to support Tryness and other disadvantaged children like her, you can purchase a T-Shirt, or visit the 'Sponsorship' Page on our website to learn more. All of the proceeds of T-Shirt sales go into our Scholarship Fund which helps to cover the costs of education for families who simply cannot afford it. 

At Project Luangwa we see education as the only true path out of poverty. Thank you so much for your help in this. 

Project Luangwa is a charitable trust which supports vulnerable children and families in some of the poorest areas of Zambia. 

We do this in two major ways - Education (building schools and infrastructure, educational maths programmes, and sponsorship) and Gender Equality - providing girls and young women with a platform to a more equal future. 


Project Luangwa supports disadvantaged children whose families cannot afford to send them to school. Your donation will help them achieve a brighter future.

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