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How to Donate

All donations to help Project Luangwa run, or to any of our specific education, conservation or gender support programs are gratefully received. Truly, every donation helps, and there are various ways in which you can support.


Wherever you are from, we have a way to donate. JustGiving is easiest, and available through most countries.


You can also make a direct donation to our PayPal account.

When you tap Donate a new PayPal window will open to collect details of the amount you wish to donate.  You can pay from your own PayPal account, or use a card of your choice

Donate to our PayPal Account 
in US Dollars $

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

We have partnered with Generosity in Action to pay online or by check. Generosity in Action is a designated fund maintained at Philanthropic Ventures Foundation - a qualified 501(c)3 Public Charity.

How to Donate to the Project Luangwa Fund at PVF:


Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF) is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to supporting outstanding charitable work, customizing giving programs for donors, initiating new dimensions in grantmaking and acting as the depository for charitable projects.


PVF serves as the fiscal depository for Project Luangwa, which is a UK and Zambian charitable initiative, working since 2010 to empower the impoverished communities of the South Luangwa valley in Zambia. It aims to raise rural areas out of poverty by improving standards of health, equality and education thus increasing future life chances, employability and community prosperity. 


To donate by check:

Send your check donation made payable to Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, with “Project Luangwa” in the check memo line, to:

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

1222 Preservation Park Way

Oakland CA 94612-1201

PVF will provide donors with a tax acknowledgement letter for their charitable donations of $250 or more.


To donate by stock or wire transfer:

Contact:  Dawn Hawk, Chief Operating Officer, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation | 510-645-1890 |


To donate from a Donor Advised Fund:

Find Philanthropic Ventures Foundation in the list of nonprofits with your DAF host (Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, community foundation, etc.). PVF’s Tax ID number is 94-3136771. Add the further designation to support the Project Luangwa Fund.


To donate by credit card: 

Click here and select Project Luangwa from the list of funds:

You will receive a tax acknowledgement receipt by email from Network for Good, our credit card processor. Please note: as there is a 3% fee for credit card donations, we recommend that larger donations be sent via check.

Worldwide donations

For anyone wishing to make a bank transfer from outside of the UK then please use these details for our US Dollar account (please email for details). 



Donate to our PayPal Account

in GB Pounds £

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Use JustGiving or PayPal, or donate by direct bank transfer. Please just email for details. 

Project Luangwa is a registered UK charity (Charity Commission Registration No. 1119335).So if you are a UK tax payer you can fill out a Gift Aid form and email it to us. This will enable us to claim back additional money from the UK Government to spend on our Projects.

All donations

Important Note: Would you please email us as soon as you have made a donation so that we can track any specific wishes and report back to you that your donation has been successfully received. In particular we need to know when you have donated money for child sponsorship.

Sponsor a Child

The cost of sponsorship pays for everything a pupil needs for one full year of education and varies from child to child according to their school and needs. Donors will receive letter from the students twice a year and updates from Project Luangwa tracking their progress.

Please help if you can, especially where a child needs to attend boarding school due to their home being far from a secondary school and they have no choice if they are to receive an education. It is far harder to find sponsors for these children due to the higher cost of support. Thank you.

Learn how to help by emailing us at

Programs we Support

Here are some of our other programs that you can support. You can donate easily through our Just Giving campaign here or through the Paypal link above, and indicate where you would like the funds to be directed.

Every year we need to raise the funds for the following projects - 


Mfuwe football league away games: $3000 (minimum $200)*

Ufulu pads, wholesale rate 50 packs of 5 pads: cost $650

Gender Support program: $16,200 p/a (minimum $500)


Conservation stoves for a village (10 stoves):  $120


Volunteer teachers at Katapila Community School:  $4000 (minimum $200)


Edulution Centre of 300 children: $16500 (minimum $500)

*We have put a minimum donation against some of these due to the administration of allocating smaller amounts. However, any donation no matter how small, has a genuine impact. 

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