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Craft Workshop

Along with our different projects, we also provide a great space for local entrepreneurs to fashion and sell their goods 

Sewing Workshop

Our ladies craft sewers (and one man!) are generally from vulnerable backgrounds and have been trained to sew in order to earn a living wage and support their families. Karen Beattie taught them the techniques that they now use to produce their lovely wares. They create beautiful sturdy handbags that are collected by many visitors. They also make clothing, hats, aprons, childrens' toys and other fun items that are for sale in the shop. 

These entrepreuners are given a platform to sell their goods, and are part of the Project Luangwa family. 

In addition to craft items, they also make the Ufulu Pads for our menstrual hygiene and health program. 

Ufulu Pads

Ufulu pads are colourful 'all-in-one' washable menstrual pads. 

Each pad is made up of several layers of high performance hydrophilic material backed with a waterproof but breathable fabric to prevent leakage. These layers are encased in a layer of soft cotton (which goes next to the skin) and bright, prettily patterned cotton on the outside. Wings hold the pad securely in place and are held together by poppers.


Ufulu pads are soft, comfortable and ultra absorbent.  

Safe to use

Our technical fabrics are manufactured to a high standard with either

Oeko-tex 100 Certification or CPSIA Status, making the pads safe to use. 



We have confidence in our product and guarantee our Ufulu pads to last at least 2 years.

To donate a pack of pads to a schoolgirl, click here.

Artisan Crafts 
Hubly wide.jpg

Like our sewing workshop, we also support incredibly gifted local artisans by providing them with a place to work and a market for their wares. 

Frederick Phiri is a talented metal artist who started welding just a few years ago and now has a national following. His work can also be found at 37dGallery in Lusaka. He makes whimsical animals out of metal junk he scavenges from the community or that is donated by the lodges, helping the environment too!

Hubly is a wood carver who makes exquisite wooden bowls and sculptures as well as other small souvenirs. He and his apprentices use only naturally fallen wood for their work.

Misael is a soulful basket weaver creating beautiful lampshades, mats, birdhouses, purses and more. Misael has recently completed a large bench for our shop - stop in and see his work!

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