The lack of rain  in 2013 had a devastating effects on Kapita Community School. 
The ground around the classrooms cracked and subsidence 
triggered cracks to appear in 
the classrooms as well 
as in the teachers' houses.
As time passed and the cracks widened the gound and school buildings looked like an earthquake had struck. 
Over time the cracks widened as
the damage was monitored by
Project Luangwa and the local
Building Officer.  Everyone 
concluded that underpinning
and mending all the faults would be prohibitively expensive.
Then both the teachers' houses and one end classroon were condemned and it seemed as through the future of the school was in danger and any hopes of an education for the local kids would be lost.  We had to take some emergency measures as the all important Certificate of Primary Education exams looming for the Grade 7 pupils. Check out 'Emergency classrooms' to see what happened.