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Some members of the PL Girls' club like to express themselves through writing poetry. Their poetry is powerful and often gritty and the group are occasionally asked to perform as a group. We reproduce Margaret Phiri's poem with her permission. 
Virgin Power, Virgin Pride 
Here we come, brilliant, courageous, flamboyant, ever-breezing and vigorous with a message that will message your brain. We ask nothing but your ears so that you can listen carefully, act and teach others. 
It is a poem entitled Virgin Power, Virgin Pride
We still want to be virgins, 
But what stops us from being so?
It is our parents in morality.
They just want children who are young
Besides that they have their own wives.
It is so because they are not satisfied with what they have
They say
"Walya kaka aliye mlandu"  (No one can give to you if you destroy your own properties)
A girl-child is beautiful like a rose-flower
Which could shine and look beautiful
But if you destroy it
Will it look attractive?
I am a young girl in grade 8  
Who was raped by my own father.
I didn't know what was happening
Because I was very young.
When I went to school 
It paid me to find that I was not a virgin.
And my friends would say  . . . 
"Virgin power, virgin pride,
But I lost it at a tender age. 
Virginity is something that you lose
At the right time,
With the right person,
At the right place,
For the right reason. 
Fathers and teachers
What do you gain 
From raping your own children
Instead of protecting us?
you are destroying our future,
Beside that you have your own wives. 
what do you want from an innocent girl like me?
If you think you're shining
but you are shrinking.
Ah  . . tiganizirenkoni  (think about us)
Shame on you child defiler
For you choose and enjoy life at the wrong crash
Later you impregnate your own children 
And advise them to abort.
don't you know that abortion is killing
And killing is a sin to god.
Remember God will judge you.
Abash child abuse
Abash child labour
there is death there is struggle 
there is total confusion.
so let us come together 
As one Zambia, one nation
to promote a girl-child,
Respect our bodies.
Virgin Power, Virgin Pride


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