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Agnes Njobvu is a natural leader who has gained great respect form the girls in the PL Girls' Club. This was the first poem she wrote as a member of the club. We reproduce Aggie's poem with her permission. 
I wonder why
Everyday people lose sight
Of their own dreams and aspirations.
Because of overwhelming applications
Negative influences may start looking right,
No matter what,
I will stay strong Aggie.
Men may become a temptation
But no man is worth
The price of my dream.
I will become patient and confident
Because I am afraid of losing sight of my dreams.
Remember my body is a temple
To be only seen by that man
Who supports my dreams.
No matter what,
I will stay strong Aggie!
My family doesn’t  give good guidance
My friends do not support me
And people are busy spoiling my reputation
But it doesn’t matter
I shall reap what I sow.
I shall be the example of the company I keep
And educating the ones I love
Is the greatest gift I can give.
No matter what,
I will stay strong Aggie.
Reminding myself of everything great
About myself is the one thing that shall persist.
Getting good grades and leading by good example
Can make those girls around me prosper.
Confidence, determination, knowledge and intelligence
All these qualities will take me far.
Just remember,
No matter what,
I will stay strong Aggie
I will do my best
So that Project Luangwa can do the rest. 


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