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Some members of the PL Girls' club like to express themselves through writing poetry.
We reproduce Agnes Njobvu's poem 'Confidence' with her permission. 
Here we stand, the confident girls of Project Luangwa and the title of our poem is
“Confidence is the Root of Success”
If you destroy this route do you think there can success?
No more success without confidence
So what do we do?
Despite being self-motivated we will still continue
depending on the wise sayings of our elders
because they have the experience of what we are passing through.
But if they stop watering this root by not monitoring us
we will never turn our dreams into reality?
I am a girl without confidence,
but if I continue with this attitude
am I going to be a hero?
No my friend, you will never be a hero.
I am a secret teller. 
Developing confidence is something which is simple.
All that you have to do is be patient,
be self-motivated
and have a positive mind.
Remember . . . past is for experience,
present is for experiment
and future is for expectation. 
So do not spend your time on thinking
about what you did in the past as this may bring stress
and stress may wilt the root of success.
According to our logo I believe that one day
I am going to rise above everything
and fly like an eagle.
So let’s tolerate one another
as confidence comes by tolerating the views of others;
therefore we strongly aim at reaching the stars
so that if we fail we can just reach the moon through our confidence.
I am a girl who behaves like a person on a race;
my eyes are focussed towards my goals.
I neither look to the left nor to the right;
I do not rest and I can’t get stuck at the junction
until I reach my destination
where I am going to turn my destiny
into reality.
My daily dream
is not to become a snob
but to become a hero.
I spend my time on thinking
about how I can raise myself
from zero to hero
and I believe that I will make it
‘cause I am confident and patient.
But what surprises me
is that when I go around in our community
trying to find out why some girls stopped school
all that they tell me is . . 
“Vinthu ni time-time”
. . without knowing that they had no confidence.
So here we stand, the confident girls,
trying to teach those who are still at school
and those in society that
Really. . . confidence can make us FLY
Remember, our destiny is in our own hands
and it is up to us to
turn it into reality.


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