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Information Videos

The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" usually rings true, however we find that there are times when even photos do not do a subject justice. We also want you to get a better understanding of the issues that the schools in the Luangwa Valley face and the reality of everyday life.

To this end we have produced a number of short videos. The videos are grouped into three main areas;

1.    The Schooling system and the problems faced by teachers and pupils.

2.    Everyday life in Mfuwe.

3.    The area logistical problems that need to be overcome when providing support.

The videos vary in size and length. We would therefore recommend that you download these videos onto your computer before opening them.

The Schooling System

We interviewed a well respected local teacher Evans Graph Phiri who also provides assistance to the local community through the charity Aids Support Awareness Project.

School System Class Sizes Cost of Schooling Ages of Pupils Books

Everyday Life in Mfuwe

A local village head man descibes the various aspects of life in a rural community in Zambia.

Farming Cooking Getting Water Medical Orphans






 Kakumbi School

We are currently raising funds to help renovate the exisiting classrooms and build further class room blocks. Below are interviews with the Head Teacher at Kakumbi and videos showing the condition of the School. We have also added some short clips showing the roads to Kakumbi and the main road into Mfuwe.

Broken Desks School Exterior Pumping Water Roof Interior Local Roads
pumping water kakumbi roof interior kakumbi main road





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