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Whilst some pupils will appear on our website for sponsorship, you can also email us at or and we will help you to sponsor a child for 2020. 



Sponsorship is one of the most effective and rewarding ways to make a difference to a child's life . . . and it couldn't be easier.


Why your sponsorship is needed:
Education in Zambia is free to the end of grade 7, but from grade 8 schools fees are due. This is when pupils start to drop out of school as their parents or guardians simply cannot afford to educate them.  Not only are tuition fees needed but uniform, shoes, socks, exercise books, pens and pencils.  As pupils progress through the grades they'll need maths sets and scientific calculators too and all this is beyond the financial means of most rural Zambian families who survive by subsistence farming. 

Around a quarter of school children in rural Zambia are orphans and the majority are cared for by their extended families. But these relatives are often struggling to educate their own children and cannot to afford to send an extra child to school. The children who are accepted onto our sponsorship scheme may be orphans or classed as vulnerable.  Some have parects who are too ill to work or grow enough crops to be able provide an income as well as food for the family.  In other words without your help these kids would not be able to attend a secondary school. 
What can be said of every child is that each craves an education and is acutely aware that their only chance of a future without poverty lies within the classroom. These children are desperate to learn and it’s heartbreaking to see them hanging round schools they may never have a chance to attend.
Why sponsor a child through Project Luangwa.
We take the time to check out a pupil's background and school reports. Your sponsorship money is directly spent on the pupil- it does not go into a general village scheme or into the wrong pockets. We keep you well informed by sending you school reports so you know how your chosen pupil is progressing and we encouage your pupil to write to you. But your support is not just about money; an sponsored child knows that someone, somewhere in the world, cares.
How do I sponsor
Sponsorship starts at the beginning of the school year (in Zambia that's in January). The hopeful pupils will start to apply as soon as their previous exam results are published - around Christmas time for the younger children and late January for the grade 9 pupils. 





To find out about
education in Zambia and sponsorship check out our handbook below. 


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