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If you find yourself with a little empty space in your travel bag you could fill it with something to help the kids here in South Luangwa - every little helps and you can make a difference just 1kg at a time.
What to bring?
Have a look at the list on this page to see what we currently need.  It will vary depending on what guests have recently brought but we try to keep it regualarly updated. 
Can you fill a suitcase?
If you can we can help you get it from Lusaka to Mfuwe free with Proflight and our Pilot Post scheme. Just alert us by sending an email and we'll tell you what to do.
So what happens to the things you bring?
Items brought in your own luggage can be left at the PL Women's Craft Workshop (next to the fuel station and worth a visit anyway). Full suitcases or travel bags arriving via our Pilot Post scheme will be collected from Mfuwe Airport by us. 
We support over 20 schools in the area as well as understand the communities and their needs. We distribute to those who are most in need and if we are handing out donations whilst you're here you are welcome to join us. 
What else?
If you have anything to donate that isn't listed here please contact us first.  some items are available here or may not be appropreate. 
What not to bring
Primary text books on any subject, secondary Geography or History text books, inappropriate children's books. 
Thank you
We'd like to thank all our generous supporters for all the wonderful items that have been donated over the last few years. Their kind generosity has made a huge difference.
Don't forget . . .  
to label your travel bag or donated items so we can let you know that we have received them and to write and thank you.  
Remember - we can't email without your address.   
Black or blue ball point pens
Pencil cases
Sharpeners & erasers
A4 lined file paper
Solar Scientific calculators 
Maths sets 
Building bricks, early learning counting resources. 'ethic dolls/rag dolls', play pots and pans, plastic fruit
and so on.
Craft resources such as: furnishing, woolen (coat), cotton and non-shiny fabrics (for bags and so on), cotton yarn, hemp etc string and rope, machine sewing needles, machine sewing thread,sewing machines, lino printing resourses and lino printing ink, paper for printing, mulberry paper or any hand-made or interesting paper, blank cards & envelopes. Please contact us if you have something not on the list or have a skill you think you'd like to teach the ladies.  
Footballs and netballs, pumps and spare needles

We have teamed with two organisations dedicated to helping communities round the world.  Click on the logos to find out more


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