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Project Luangwa, with funds raised through the Safari Lodges, is building 6 new classrooms. However with only a few desks belonging to the Secondary school the pupils will be forced to sit on the floor in their new classrooms. Even now three kids will often have to squash in a desk meant for two . . . and these are students taking the most important exams of their lives.
With the planned completion of the new classroom blocks for the end of July our thoughts have turned to providing new desks. And we haven't just got our 6 new classrooms to think about - there's the new community built block of 3 classrooms too.

A conservative estimate of 30 double desks per class means that we need a total of 270 desks. It costs just $65 to buy one double desk. Can you help?

You can buy a whole desk or just make a small donation - it all helps.
If you wish to make a donation then please visit our website at to see the different ways that you can donate.

If you are a UK resident you can chose to donate either £1, £5 or £10 via text message from your phone. To donate is simple just text the words DESK21 £1 or DESK21 £5 or DESK21 £10 to 70070
As we are concerned about deforestation in this beautiful wildlife area we are not going to use traditional hardwood to make the desks but employ a local business to make them from steel and aluminium.


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