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No film crew. No ‘fixers’ for the borders. No 4WD back-up. No back-up at all, in fact, except for a man with a shed-full of old bike spares, deep in rural Gloucestershire. For a 50-year-old, simple, rugged British single cylinder motorbike. And its even older and arguably simpler rider…
Author Steve Wilson wanted to do a final Real Run on two wheels before the bus pass took over. A holiday with Robin Pope Safaris in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park had provided the spark. Africa’s wide, croc- and hippo-infested brown rivers, its bush-buck and baobab trees, the marks of baboon claws in the dust of a Series I Land Rover’s windscreen, had all worked their spell.
Steve's story of his solo 6,000 mile journey around Southern Africa on a 1950s Aerial is a remarkable one and will soon be published by Haynes Publishing in the UK.  Steve has very kindly offered to donate 50 pence for every single book sold.
You can read more about his journey and how to get his forthcoming book here..


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