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The pupils sponsorship season is in full swing. We show you how you can help by volunteering. Give you an update on kitting out the new library in Mfuwe Day School and Christopher gets a new wheel chair.
It's Christmas time agin in Mfuwe and the opportunity or you to make a difference by joining our pupil sponsorship scheme. We also hold our annual 'Kids in the Wild' camp and show you our latest videos.
Project Luangwa does not just help out with Education but we also help kids that need medical help. Read about how we have helped some of the kids recently. Want to help buy reading books? You can see our wish list on Amazon and help us give the kids something to help with their reading.
Rats, Bats laughter and tears, the story of a Project Luangwa Volunteer. See the wonderful tea towel crammed with drawings of animals done by the local kids. Katapila School has a party and the mountain climbing three peaks challenge undertaken by two very special young boys.
Chipolopolo! Members of the National Football team come to Mfuwe. A sponsor gets to meet his sponsored pupil in person. Read about the exciting new Happy Reader book scheme that we are putting in to Basic Schools and we have wonderful news about a donation to build a new large classroom block at Mnkhanya Community School.
Find out who won the prize for the best sponsored pupil of 2011. A kind donation by the Estelle Trust to help us build the Library. Justin and Gerald go to College/University and just how a little ingwnuity can help take a collection of old batteries, a piece of rubber and bamboo can make a light to study with.
We have exciting news about our building projects at Mfuwe Day School and how our supporters can help us to build a new Library and Science Block. We also tell you about two very special young men, one who is blind and the other who is deaf. Both needing your help to go to teacher training College.
Merry Christmas fromn Project Luangwa! This month we let you know just how successful the Kids in the Wild project was. We also get to hear about Rosie's new wheel chair and how you can help a child complete their education.
We help another disabled boy become mobile and tell you about our new project to get local kids educated about conservation and to experience first hand the luxury and enjoyment that staying in a Safari lodge can offer. We also have some great xmas ideas.
This month we tell you about what our various supporters are doing to help Project Luangwa. There's Zu and Titus's conker shop, Dawn's project pot, a visit by teachers from Elmtree school in the UK to Katapila school and Pam Hardwick's published book of peotry.
John receives his new wheelchair and goes to school for the first time. We also celebrate the opening of the new clasroom block built by Project Luangwa at Mfuwe Secondary Day School.
Read about our appeal to help a small disabled boy to become mobile. John was born with legs that finish above the knee and just one hand. However even his ‘good’ hand has the two middle fingers fused together.
After an epic Journey we have now also received 4000 Oxford English hardback dictionaries.
June was a great month. We've planted trees, brought smiles to the Katapila pupils and had some really fantastic news that has enabled us to plan an amazing safari for some local kids.
It's been an exciting month for us; his Highness the Honourable Chief Kakumbi came to see our work at Mfuwe Secondary School, there has been an incredably generous donation from a nine year old boy and we have adopted a whole football league.
The new school term has just started and our building of 2 new classroom blocks, funded by The Bush Camp Company and donors from Flatdogs Camp, is progressing very well.
We also have news about the extended donating by text options for UK residents and how you can help us to buy desks for students to sit at in the new school buildings.
Lots of news for April including a new book called Short Way Up with part of the proceeds going to Project Luangwa.
Funding for new Schools Classroom Blocks to be built at Mfuwe Day School, Reading books and an MP3 player for Katapila School and how Charity begins at home for a couple of kids in Netherlands.
Every so often something or someone special comes into your life and in February this happened with the appearence of a boy who touched our hearts with his determination against all the odds. This month we tell you about the story of Richard Kale. A remarkable young man's determination to receive an education against almost insurmountable odds.
January is a busy time for the sponsorship programme; we have supplied school uniforms, shoes, stationery, paid school fees and arranged for transport of nearly 80 children. January brought plenty of good news, and we were impressed with the generosity of our kind supporters. A big thank you to everyone who has made a donation.
It’s been a hectic few months here in South Luangwa, so hectic in fact, that we’ve only just found the time to write our first newsletter. Just as you would expect these first months have had their share of bureaucracy and frustration. But it's all been worth it. Here is just a little of what we’ve been up to.
The Flying Post, Child Sponsorships, Chiyembekezo get new jumpers, World Challenge visits Kakumbi and Introducing our newest member, Marula Lodge.

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