When the local Buildings Officer condemned one of Kapita's classrooms due to subsidence we were concerned that the grade 7 pupils would have nowheere to study for the iminant exams.
So what could we do to make sure
that the pupils had a classroom
but were also kept safe?
First we built a steel framework
to support the roof. 
Then, using an angle grinder
we cut a line between the
first and second classroom
Soon it was time for the fun
bit and the PL building team
tried their hands at demolition
for a change. 
It worked!
We'll add someshading to the
sides and the pupils now have a temporary, but safe classroom.  
We'll add some photos of the
open-air classroom in use soon. 
Thank you Livingstone Partners
for donating the funds enabling
the grade 7 pupils to have a safe
classroom - it has given them 
a chance to pass their exams.