The kids in the Kapita area often
come from families that are
unable to afford school clothes.
of Valencia kindly raised enough funds to buy every pupil 
at Kapita Community School
a brand new uniform.
Of course buying uniform for
around 300 pupils is not as simple
as going to the local suppliers
or even round the shops in
the town . . . particulary if you
live in Mfuwe.  So . . .
. . . we went in search of a
good local tailor.   Mr Stafford of Chimvano Tailoring Shop makes many of the uniforms we buy for our sponsored pupils so we gave him the order.  
A couple of months later all the uniforms were ready and on one very hot October day we delivered them to the Kapita pupils.  There was a long queue of children waiting when we arrived as well as lots of pupils already in the classrooms.  
It took 6 hours of non-stop work to
make sure all the uniforms fitted
the children.
Everyone was very hot but
also very happy. 
Click on the pictute to listen to the children say thank you to the American School of Valencia 
American School of Valencia
for raising and donating the
funds so that every single
Kapita pupil can go to school
in a new uniform.