When the classroom used by the grade 7 pupils was condemned as too dangerous to use we had to do something quickly. In a few weeks the Certificate of Primary Education exams would take place and any pupils who failed would not be offered a place at a secondary school and that would be the end of the education and any hopes for a future job. 
A couple of years ago
ScaleAfrica kindly lent some tents
to Project Luangwa for just this
very purpose so we erected
half a dozen to the end of the school building to use as a
termporary classroom. 
Everyone was very keen to help
and in no time the PL team had
made a new classroom. By fitting the hexagonal tents 
together we created enough 
shade to enable the children 
to work outside. 
We fixed a big white board to
the end gable wall of the
classroom to make a 'blackboard'
and the first lesson began. 
But when term 2 2014 ended Scaleafrica needed their tents as classrooms themselves, for a similar project at vinza School, so we had to make a plan. 
What did we do next? Have a look at  'A Classroom without Walls'