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Recently the Estelle Trust visited us to see how we were using their donation towards the new library at Mfuwe Day Secondary School. We took this opportunity to take them to see a tiny school not far from the airport.

Mnkhanya Community School has being doing a great deal with very little. For some time five teachers have been teaching 400 pupils split into 7 grades in just 2 run down classrooms with very few desks.

Our visitors were so taken with the needs of children and the efforts that the community has made towards their little school that they offered to help. We are delighted to say that the Estelle Trust has agreed to fund a new classroom block which will contain 3 new classrooms as well storerooms and teachers' offices.

This will enable the teachers to keep the classes down to manageable sizes and to teach in a secure, weather-proof and practical environment.

On behalf of the schools, Chief Mnkhanya and his community and especially the pupils we would like to thank the Estelle Trust for helping us make their dream come true.


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With funding provided by the Bush Camp Company we are currently managaing the build of 2 new dormitories at Mfuwe Day School. The old dormitory is rather delapidated and uses a building borrowed from the nearby basic school. It is also very overcrowded. The bunk beds are jammed in next to each other and have 2 boys sleeping on every single mattress.

Thanks to the Bush Camp Company we are able to build the school 2 new buildings will each be able to house 42 boys.

The buildings are progressing well, despite the heavy rains causing the delivery trucks to sink axle deep in mud. The first building is now at the top of window level, whilst the other building now has it's foundations and floor slab complete. We hope to complete voth of these buildings by the end of Term 1.


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